Hello, it’s me.

Almost 4 weeks ago, I was reading my Ancestry messages and one of my cousins responded to my note. We chatted about me being adopted and her knowing a cousin who “might” have some information. I did not think anything of it. Nothing ever comes of it.  Later in the day, the cousin sent another note that I would get a call from Martha. Ok. I totally forgot about it. After dinner we were sitting on the couch and my phone rang. It was 9:30 on a Thursday night. I did not recognize the number. The caller said “Hi, this is Martha. Your Mother was my sister and we’ve been looking for you”. Imagine the drama. My head was spinning and my knees went week. I went down to the floor as she rattled off my birthday and a few other facts that not many people would know.  I was crying and could not focus on her words but I tried so hard to listen.  I put the phone on speaker so my husband, Steve, could hear. He was truly alarmed not knowing who was calling and seeing my reaction.  Then, we quickly realized that my birth family had found me. Evidently, they had been looking for me since I was given up. Many secrets were kept and only a few people knew about me. Martha gave me the name I had been looking for. Tracy Dawn Marchand. I never knew that name. They only knew that name and never searched for me as Kelly.

My birth Mother, Linda, had passed in 2010. I had missed the opportunity to meet her. However, I had 2 Aunts and an Uncle and a half sister, named….Kelly. As we talked we started to realize so many strange coincidences. My sister’s name was my name.  My Middle name, Louise, also my birth Mother’s middle name. Aunt Jeanne and I share the exact same birth date in September, only 10 years apart.

The only people who knew about me were Martha and Victor- my Birth Mother’s sister and brother.  The secret was kept for many years but Kelly found out while she was in high school. Everyone was instructed not to try to find me. All to protect me, not to disturb me or uproot my life. I completely understand and appreciate that. The time was not right, until now.

Martha’s son, Mark,  is my age. She said she was reminded of me when she saw Mark and she continued to search. After Linda passed in 2010, they did not continue the search to honor her wishes.


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