The Ring

Kelly and I have to go by nick names since it gets a bit confusing with two sisters named Kelly. So, I am Kelly Louise and she is Kelly Marie to the Aunts and Uncles and family.

After her Mother passed away, Kelly Marie mentioned that she found this Mother’s ring while sorting out Linda’s things.  Kelly Marie wore it for several years without connecting the fact that there were four stones but there were only two children, she and her brother, Doug.

Kelly Marie knew three of the stones – Amethyst was for Linda’s birthday,  Ruby was hers, and the Emerald was her brother Doug.  She said she never knew about the Sapphire or why it was there.

Kelly Marie told me that just after Aunt Jeanne connect the two of us by phone and she found out Jeanne and I share a birthday in September….. it clicked.  Kelly Marie ran home and pulled open her jewelry box to look at the ring again. There it was! That September Sapphire was for me.

Another piece of the puzzle in place. Linda wore this ring. It represented all of her children. I know she can’t be here to speak for herself, but the ring says it all.



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