Support System

Where would we be in life without someone to support us in our dreams, plans and projects?  After a busy few weeks of meeting my newly found family, I am reflecting on the outpouring of love and support. Support not only from my immediate family, but from friends, new and old.  I don’t mind sharing my story. Please send this blog to anyone who might enjoy it.  If I can help someone who is thinking of wading into their own search, I am happy to do it.  I can’t imagine how I could have gotten this far alone. My story reads like a daily soap opera. So many characters, so many things going on but he keeps track of them and he’s always up for the daily “update”.

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” – Booker T. Washington

My Mom, Pat is my biggest cheerleader and has been incredibly supportive of any endeavor, my entire life. As a child she and my Dad pushed us to try new things and encouraged us to not just start, but finish a project to the end. I did not always do that but I tried hard.

I thank Mom and my  family for lifting me up and cheering me on even on my darkest days. We have all been there. Don’t go it alone. The buddy system works.

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