The September Surprise!

In late Summer, Aunt Jeanne and I worked out a plan that they would come to visit on the 29th of September. This would be 2 days after our actual birthday on 9/27 but it fell on a Wednesday which is tough for work schedules. The 29th was a Friday, so that worked well for a visit and overnight stay. It was on the calendar and we were all looking forward to it.  Little did I know the surprise was on me.  On Friday the 29th, I got up early and got a few things done in the house getting ready for Jeanne and Cecil to stay over. She said they were expected to arrive between 4-5 so I had plenty of time to be totally ready. I went to the store and started a crock pot of chili then I went to work for a few hours.

I got home late afternoon and was scurrying all over when I saw a car in the driveway and a flash of green.  Hm. This didn’t look like Jeanne or Cecil and you could not miss that color from a mile away! Uncle Vic and John had pulled in and started unloading a mountain of food.  Vic was wearing this spiffy green shirt, my absolute favorite color!  They were part of the surprise but had arrived just before Jeanne and Cecil who arrived shortly. Aunt Martha arrived with Jeannie’s son (my cousin), Victor and his son Tyler (my second cousin).

They got me! Total surprise but I was thrilled everyone could be here for “our” birthday celebration!!


While we worked on getting the food ready, Steve took Victor and Tyler to the upstairs of the barn where we have a “man cave” with  ping pong table, dart board and fun stuff to do.  Then, Steve got the drone out for a pre-dusk flight and let Tyler fly it,  resulting in this photo!

The more time I get to spend with my biological family,  the more insight I get into myself. I absorb it all like a sponge, trying to take it all in and figure out what parts of myself I see in them.  We had a lively dinner conversation about the parties Uncle Vic threw in his youth.  Aunt Martha told some stories on him that were hilarious. Jeanne was too young to attend said parties,  but knew all about it. Seeing their mannerisms, facial expressions and just hearing the laughter is pure joy. They are all funny, good natured and witty!

I’m still processing the fact that we found each other. It’s been less than a year and time is flying quickly. I treasure each moment with them, each phone conversation and each text.  There was an incident with a missing bowl of mashed potatoes once everyone left and it was a goofy misunderstanding and we all laughed so hard about it the next day.

I truly see myself in each one of them. It’s hard to explain but we are connected in so many ways I didn’t know what I was missing, until now.  I am very much looking forward to our next gathering here at Christmas with family from all sides who will get to meet each other for the first time. Can’t wait!


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