After Christmas visit 2019

This year, all of our family gathered in between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.  On Thursday 12/26, Nil arrived!

We had a fantastic visit. Dinner the first night with our friends at the club. Plenty of laughing and stories.  On Saturday we went to a few stores and stopped for lunch in Leesburg then by one of Vino 9 in Waterford for some local IPA beer. Nil enjoyed that last year so we kind of make it a ritual now.  We visited with the owners of Vino 9 who are very knowledgeable about the beers and directed him on what to buy to take home for the boys.  During the day’s discussion, somehow Nil got roped into helping me put our TV on the wall with a mount and a shelf underneath for the cable box.   Back to Best buy to get the needed items. On Sunday we started early putting things together and a few more trips to the hardware store, Luckily Nil “got skills”. He’s a builder by trade and very mechanically inclined.  I must have gotten a little of that and patience for tedious tasks from him. We had a wonderful time even with the un-ending things that kept going wrong he just kept plugging away with a smile.  We finally got it the TV up on the wall and the shelf mounted underneath.  It was exhausting but we finished the project!

On Sunday, Nil headed home in the morning. About an hour and a half later,  Kelly and her Dad Bob Bresnock and husband Terry arrived from PA to visit with us. Morgan and Garrett were coming from New Jersey and got stuck in traffic but they finally got here late day.  We had plenty of food here ready to go but of course, Kelly brought cheese and cracker plates and lots of amazing cookies and candies she made. Kelly is a chef by trade and she loves to do baked goods!  My family came by too- Mom, Don, Deena, Rodney and Luke.  Steve’s Mom Pat came by with more wonderful baked goods! It was a great day of sharing stories and enjoying each other’s company. Here are a few pics from the day!  Until we see each other again, I love you all!







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