Family Picnic

It’s been way too long since my last post. The past year really kept me from visiting and enjoying family and friends. Today we all got together at the river in Strasburg, VA. Thanks to Aunt Martha for hosting us at the pavillion. It was so good to see and hug everyone today. Victor and Becky, Mark, Jen and Mariana and numerous cousins and second cousins. The kids were playing in the river even with the drizzle falling. Family day!!

A few more things to note: When my Mother, Linda Louise Marchand gave me up for adoption she named me Tracy Dawn Marchand. She had another baby 4 years later and named her Kelly Marie Marchand. My adoptive family named me Kelly Louise Lynn. The names are incredible. How could I have the same middle name as my birth mother? How could I have the same first name as my biological half sister that I never met? My family name is Lynn. Mother is Linda. So many coincidences.

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