All the Aunts and Uncles

This weekend was “the weekend” for meeting my newly found family.  After 4 weeks of chatting on the phone and facetime,  I finally got to meet Aunt Jeanne. She and her husband Cecil arrived on Saturday evening, just after Kelly and Morgan headed home. Jeanne is the youngest of the four siblings. Again, her eyes are like mine and we have similar features.  Jeanne and I have the exact same birth date in September. I always had a feeling my birthday was special- now I know it truly is because I share it with her.  I see myself in my Aunts and Uncles.  I’ve never been able to look at someone and say “I have their eyes, cheeks, nose or build. I have that with these three and Kelly and Morgan too.  Victor is a professional ballroom dancer and an amazing artist. Check, I must get some of my artistic side from him and my Grandfather. Snookie.  Snookie was also a great golfer (I am not but I love it so I’ll take that I got it from him).   Aunt Martha is spiritual and intuitive. We can talk on the phone for hours about many subjects. She has a great sense of humor and we connected immediately. I did with all three and see bits of myself in each.   Jeanne is an early riser who goes like the energizer bunny from dawn to dusk and a “get it done” kind of lady. Check. Now I know where I get that. They tell me Linda was also an early riser with lots of energy.  I look forward to many more visits and calls. Each time we talk I learn something new and amazing.  037

Aunt Jeanne and me!

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