Facetime and Drive

It is not safe to text or Facetime while you drive!

2 weeks ago on Saturday morning, I got a Facetime request while driving to an appointment. I knew who it was- my Aunt was meeting with my half sister for breakfast to tell her they had found me. We all did not know how it would go. They did not even know if she knew about me.  Imagine my surprise to get the call while driving down Rt 7. I had to pull over to take the call. I saw an image of myself on the other end of the phone. I was strange and amazing to see my half sister, Kelly! Dark pony tail, dark brown eyes just like mine!  Aunt Jeanne setup the call. The meeting went well! Kelly already knew about me. She and her cousin had secretly searched for me with no luck. She was overjoyed that they found me! I was overwhelmed but we chatted for about 20 minutes and exchanged numbers so we could catch up later. Kelly and I have talked, texted or emailed every day since.

This weekend, we met for the first time. Kelly and her daughter, Morgan, came to see us. We had an immediate honest family connection. You can see from the photos…..

We crammed 50 years into a day and a half – no sleep, lots of food and visiting with Aunts and Uncles. It was like we’d known each other all our lives. Funny details. – Kelly and I use the same eye liner color and we both don’t like having our photo taken. Morgan took the photos and could not get us to behave.

We will keep in touch until we can visit again. For now, there’s Facetime!

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